FinTech Senior Data Scientist – Fraud Modelling

FinTech Senior Data Scientist – Fraud Modelling




Our client is a fast growing international FinTech mobile banking company.




We’re looking for a data scientist to join the technical team based in Paris, France. We are assembling a strong technical team and are looking for talented newcomers to help us build a bank!


What you will do:


  • Do R&D – Train a model that detects fraudsters – Detect patterns in the data related to fraud – Check the current deployed fraud models metrics – Build / consolidate hard rules – Work on the automation of fraud alerts Detect fraud – Monitor the fraud alerts and dig into data to understand if false alarm or true fraud
  • Ask recollection team for quick checks on sample of users Report 
  • Update results / analysis for a previous fraud


Our technical stack:


  • Our customer product is an android application developed in Java
  • It communicates with a Ruby on Rails backend
  • The credit decision algorithms runs on Python via the Flask framework 
  • We are hosted on AWS: we use Elastic Beanstalk, a RDS Aurora mysql database, S3, lambda, SES … 
  • We have automated tests that run on Travis 




  • Data analytics / modeling
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Has worked on complex products and operations
  • Very good ability to communicate in english (writing and speaking)
  • Strong SQL
  • Python skills (kaggle level needed, higher desired
  • Has worked in an environment with fraudsters (financial, logistic…)
  • Experience minimum 3 years
  • English speaking candidates (our working language)

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