FinTech Senior Data Scientist – Mobile Banking

FinTech Senior Data Scientist – Mobile Banking




Our client is a fast growing international FinTech mobile banking company.


Your responsibilities: 


  • You will explore various statistical models to forecast client’s fraud risk based on real time financial & personal data 
  • You will implement your models in our product as soon as possible and improve your solution continuously based on its results 
  • You will propose new metrics and visual representation of different models, provide regular feedback to the rest of the company 
  • You will look for new data sources and evaluate their potential 
  • You will coordinate the entire fraud strategy across different teams


Our technical stack: 


  • Our customer product is an android application developed in Java 
  • It communicates with a Ruby on Rails backend 
  • The credit decision algorithms runs on Python via the Flask framework 
  • We are hosted on AWS: we use Elastic Beanstalk, a RDS Aurora mysql database, S3, lambda, SES … 
  • We have automated tests that run on Travis


What we like:


  • Ability to tackle complexity in real-world datasets 
  • Experience in working with machine learning algorithms 
  • Capacity to handle a good level of code quality and stability 
  • Overall interest in the fintech industry 
  • Has worked in an environment with fraudsters (bank, insurance…) 
  • English speaking candidates (our working language)


What we love: 

  • Driven by impact
  • Perseverance and strong team spirit 
  • Proactive and autonomous – “Get it done” attitude with will to overreach objectives 
  • Why should you join us? 
  • You will have a unique opportunity to apply your skills on a live product 


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