Full Stack Developer / Engineer – Fully Funded FinTech Start-up

Company Introduction


Fully-funded fintech startup with a rockstar leadership team and a startup “get things done” culture. We work on achieving meaningful goals by challenging our knowledge, experience and approach, iterating on and improving them.


Job Description


We are expanding our team with seasoned full-stack engineers to support the development of several web and mobile products. Successful candidates will have a minimum of five years’ recent experience with all of the skills listed below and might have specific focus areas, such as: mobile, DevOps, Front-End, etc.


Our work entails working as a team using both Agile and Kanban approaches, on things such as UIs, APIs, Infrastructure (DevOps) for both our web-based and mobile-based products. You will work on building specified and pre-approved UIs and APIs as well as participate in their design and development. This includes all of the associated areas, such as: database (both relational and non-relational) and architecture design, UX.




  • Design and implementation of the overall web and mobile architecture
  • Design and “pixel-perfect” implementation of UX and UIs
  • Design and deployment of multiple databases
  • Working closely with the Data Science team and remote teams
  • Ensuring our architecture comprising of several services and apps is built for speed, scalability and security
  • Design and implementation of REST/GraphQL APIs, both internal and public
  • Front-end and Back-end integration
  • Design and implementation of continuous integration and DevOps





  • At least five-years’ experience with:


      • Basic web technologies, such as: HTML5 and CSS3
      • Advanced front-end development using JavaScript (ES6 minimum)
      • A relevant back-end programming language, such as: JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Go, Elixir, Java/Kotlin, etc.
      • Database design and management, both RDS and Non-RDS (MongoDB, Redis, etc.), including DBaaS products.

    • Familiarity with cloud and server management, including containerization and orchestration technologies (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, k8s, etc.)
    • Familiarity with a relevant and globally supported front-end framework (React, Angular, Vue, etc.).
    • Familiarity with a relevant and globally supported back-end framework (Sinatra, Grape, RoR, Flask, Django, Thunder, etc.)
    • Familiarity with mobile development and working understanding of a globally supported cross-platform mobile framework, such as: React Native, etc.
    • Thorough understanding of user experience and possibly even product strategy
    • Experience implementing testing platforms and unit tests
    • Proficiency with Git/GitHub and associated workflows (pull requests, code reviews, etc.)
    • Appreciation for clean and self-documenting code
    • Experience working as part of distributed remote and on-location teams in start-up environments
    • Understanding of Agile and Kanban


  • Bonus points for:


    • Experience with native mobile development for Android and/or iOS
    • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data
    • Freelance experience (a self-starter with good self-organisation skills)
    • Product Design and UX experience
    • Experience with remote server management
    • Experience with cloud management (AWS, Google, etc.)

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